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—  EAT  —


eggs are free-range
all egg dishes are served with our signature toasted sourdough bread

—  Karibu brekkie (V)  —
scrambled eggs, feta, mushrooms, spinach, grilled tomato and avo

—  Vegan big brekkie (V)  —
turmeric tofu scramble, grilled tomato, mushrooms, black beans, avo and dukkah

—  Eggs Benny (V)  —
classic poached eggs with homemade Hollandaise sauce on sourdough

—  Shakshuka (V)  —
fried eggs in a spicy North African tomato & veggie stew served with turkish bread,
hummus & harissa

—  Huevos rancheros (V)  —
crispy veggie tortilla with black beans, melted cheese, two fried eggs, fresh tomato salsa, 
jalapeños and sour cream

bread can be replaced by a veggie wrap

—  Club sandwich  —
roast free-range chicken with lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon, avo and curry mayo

—  Vegan sandwich (V)  —
smoked carrot, roasted beetroot, rocket, toasted sunflower seeds & vegan tzatziki

—  Halloumi sandwich (V)  —
grilled halloumi, tomato salad, grilled red peppers, avo, & rocket

—  Cheese toastie  —
with  Turkish bread and our
homemade curry mayo

Check our counter for the freshly baked pastries assortment baked by Zoete Koek and the Veldkeuken

Oh, did we mention they all are

all dairy products can be replaced
by vegan alternatives

—  Homemade granola (V)  —
with Greek yoghurt and seasonal fruits

—  Overnight oaties (V)  —
rolled oats soaked overnight in almond milk & cinnamon topped with dried coconut & seasonal fruits

—  Flapjacks (V)  —
banana & spinach pancakes with maple syrup and seasonal fruits

—  Buttermilk pancakes (V) —
stack of fluffy American pancakes layered with bananas, blueberries & maple syrup

—  Toasted banana bread (V)  —
banana & nut bread with maple syrup and seasonal fruits

—  Protein smoothie (V)  —
oats, bananas, cacao, almond milk & a scoop of Flinndal whey protein


—  PB toast (V) —
peanutbutter & banana on sourdough

—  Monkey toast (V)  —
Nutella & bananas on sourdough

—  Pancakes  —
stack of fluffy mini American-style pancakes with fresh seasonal fruits & maple syrup


—  Soup of the moment (V) —
homemade soup that changes every now and then, season bound obviously

—  Nourish bowl (V) —
marinated tempeh, smoked carrot, roasted chickpeas, oven-baked beetroot, wild rice, lettuce, rocket & a tahini turmeric dressing


—  DRINK  —



—  Espresso  —
—  Doppio  —
—  Coffee  —
—  Americano  —
—  Cappuccino  —
—  Flat white  —
—  Latte macchiato  —
—  Latte  —
—  Cortado  —

—  Karibu filter coffee  —
customized African blend by The Village Coffee (Ethiopia/Kenya)

—  Fresh tea  —
lemon, ginger, mint

—  Herbal tea  —
Chamomille, nettle, rooibos, ceylon, chai

 Homemade chai latte

 Hot coco


—  Fentimans  —
Curiosity Cola
Rose Lemonade
Ginger Beer

—  Sparkling water  —

—  Homemade organic lemonade  —
Seasonal fruits, flowers or herbs

—  Homemade sugarfree iced tea  —
Ginger, mint and lemon

all of our juices are freshly made in our very own juice bar!

—  Number one  —
carrot, orange, apple, ginger

—  Number two  —
beetroot, apple, ginger, lemon

—  Freshly squeezed orange juice  —

—  Apple juice  —