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—  EAT  —


eggs are free-range
all egg dishes are served with our signature toasted sourdough bread

—  Karibu brekkie (V)  —
scrambled eggs, feta, rainbow tomatoes, spinach, avo, chili flakes & oil
add crispy bacon
add smoked salmon

—  Vegan big brekkie (V)  —
turmuric tofu scramble, rainbow tomatoes, black beans, avo and dukkah

—  Eggs Benny (V)  —
classic poached eggs with homemade Hollandaise sauce on sourdough
add avo
add crispy bacon
add smoked salmon

—  Indian akoori brekkie (V)  —
Indian styled scrambled eggs, Indian tomato salsa, Libanese flatbread, spinach, chili oil & coriander
add halloumi
add crispy bacon

—  Huevos rancheros (V)  —
fried eggs, crispy veggie tortilla with black beans, melted cheese, fresh tomato salsa, 
jalapeños and sour cream
add avo
add Mexican chicken

bread can be replaced by a veggie wrap

—  Chimichurri chicken —
Mexican style marinated chicken, chimichurri, frisee, rainbow tomatoes & homemade vegan mayo
add halloumi

—  Chimichurri seitan (V)  —
Mexican style marinated seitan, chimichurri, frisee, rainbow tomatoes & homemade vegan mayo

—  Cheese toastie  —
on sourdough with Heinz ketchup
add bacon
add tomato

—  HOT toastie  —
on sourdough with harissa, jalapeños, paprika & sambal mayo
add bacon
add tomato


— Buttermilk hotcake (V) —

freshly baked buttermilk hotcake, citrus infused hangop, caramalized nuts & grilled pineapple

—  Mango smoothie bowl (V)  —
smoothie from frozen mango & pineapple topped with seasonal fruit, coconut flakes & caramalized nuts

—  Scandinavian summerfruit waffles(V)  —
homemade heartshaped waffles, summerfruit pourover & seasonal fruit
add crispy bacon


—  PB toast (V) —
peanutbutter on sourdough
add banana or jam

Summerfruit kids waffles
homemade heartshaped waffles, summerfruit pourover, seasonal fruit


Radiant romanesco salad (V) —
romanesco, wild rice, spinach, seaweed, miso verde, mixed nuts & chili oil
add halloumi
add poached egg
add Mexican chicken


—  Macho nacho’s (V) —
tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, smashed avo, salsa & jalapeños

—  Veggie fritters (V)  —
crispy pan-fried sweet potatoe, corn & zucchini fritters with sriracha mayo

Homemade dumplings(V) —
shittake, spring onions, carrot,
tofu, paksoi & ginger

Olives (V) —
garlic & rosemary

Check our counter for the freshly baked pastries assortment baked by Ouma’s Kombuis, Bammetje Bakery & De Veldkeuken.

Oh, did we mention they all are


—  DRINK  —



—  Espresso  —
—  Doppio  —
—  Coffee  —
—  Americano  —
—  Cappuccino  —
—  Flat white  —
—  Latte macchiato  —
—  Latte  —
—  Cortado  —

—  Karibu filter coffee  —
customized African blend by
The Village Coffee

—  Fresh tea  —
lemon, ginger, mint, orange

—  Tea  —
Chamomille, nettle, rooibos,
ceylon, jasmin, chai, green

 Dem Good chai latte

 Tony Chocolonely’s hot coco


—  Homemade kombucha

—  Homemade organic lemonade  —
Seasonal fruits, flowers or herbs

—  Homemade sugarfree iced tea  —
Ginger, mint and lemon

—  Iced coffees  —
latte, chai

—  BOS icetea  —
Sparkling lemon
Green rooibos & Yuzu

—  Fentimans  —
Curiosity Cola
Rose Lemonade
Ginger Beer

—  Sparkling water  —

all of our juices are freshly made in our very own juice bar!

—  Number one  —
carrot, orange, apple, ginger

—  Number two  —
beetroot, lemon, apple, ginger

—  Freshly squeezed orange juice  —

—  Apple juice  —