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—  EAT  —


eggs are free-range
all egg dishes are served with our signature toasted sourdough bread

—  Karibu brekkie (V)  —
scrambled eggs, feta, mushrooms, spinach, grilled tomato and avo

—  Vegan big brekkie (V)  —
turmeric tofu scramble, grilled tomato, mushrooms, black beans, avo and dukkah

—  Eggs Benny (V)  —
classic poached eggs with homemade Hollandaise sauce on sourdough
add avo
add crispy bacon
add smoked salmon

—  Green spring shakshuka (V)  —
eggs poached in a stew of seasonal green veggies & tahini-yoghurt served with Turkish bread, hummus & harissa

—  Huevos rancheros (V)  —
fried eggs, crispy veggie tortilla with black beans, melted cheese, fresh tomato salsa, 
jalapeños and sour cream

bread can be replaced by a veggie wrap

—  Sort of Swedish meatballs  —
minced meat, rocket, pickled cabbage and homemade mayonnaise

—  Vietnames banh mi (V)  —
vegan pâté with walnuts, marinated & baked cauliflower, tempeh, pickled carrot, rammenas & cucumber and homemade vegan mayo

—  Cheese toastie  —
with  Turkish bread and Heinz ketchup
add bacon
add tomato


—  Shouf shouf habibi (V) —
grilled halloumi and eggplant, crunchy chickpeas, smashed cucumber, cherry tomatoes, coriander salsa & tahini dressing
with vegan cheese please

Check our counter for the freshly baked pastries assortment baked by Ouma’s Kombuis, Bammetje Bakery and the Veldkeuken

Oh, did we mention they all are

all dairy products can be replaced
by vegan alternatives

Açai bowl
smoothie from frozen açai & banana topped with our homemade granola, chia pudding, raspberry mousse, dried coconuts & seasonal fruits

—  Boston red fruit pancakes (V) —
stack of fluffy American pancakes layered with berry semifreddo, red fruit coulis, strawberries, blueberries and a warm summerfruit pour over

—  Turning bitches (V)  —
Wentelteefjes from homemade brioche, rasberry & rhubarb jam & crème fraîche

—  Homemade granola (V)  —
citrus infused granola with Greek yoghurt and seasonal fruits


—  PB toast (V) —
peanutbutter & banana on sourdough

—  Egg & soldiers  —
boiled egg with toast


—  Macho nacho’s (V) —
tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, smashed avo, salsa & jalapeños

—  Homemade cheese sticks (V)  —
feta & rosemary
cheddar & mango chutney
ricotta, lemon & basil

—  Mediterranean fries (V) —
potato wedges, zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & pesto mayonnaise

Homemade dumplings(V) —
shittake, spring onions, carrot,
tofu, paksoi & ginger

Olives (V) —
garlic & rosemary


—  DRINK  —



—  Espresso  —
—  Doppio  —
—  Coffee  —
—  Americano  —
—  Cappuccino  —
—  Flat white  —
—  Latte macchiato  —
—  Latte  —
—  Cortado  —

—  Karibu filter coffee  —
customized African blend by
The Village Coffee

—  Fresh tea  —
lemon, ginger, mint, orange

—  Tea  —
Chamomille, nettle, rooibos,
ceylon, jasmin, chai, green

 Dem Good chai latte

 Tony Chocolonely’s hot coco


—  Homemade kombucha

—  Homemade organic lemonade  —
Seasonal fruits, flowers or herbs

—  Homemade sugarfree iced tea  —
Ginger, mint and lemon

—  Iced coffees  —
latte, chai

—  BOS icetea  —
Sparkling lemon
Green rooibos & Yuzu

—  Fentimans  —
Curiosity Cola
Rose Lemonade
Ginger Beer

—  Sparkling water  —

all of our juices are freshly made in our very own juice bar!

—  Number one  —
carrot, orange, apple, ginger

—  Number two  —
beetroot, lemon, apple, ginger

—  Freshly squeezed orange juice  —

—  Apple juice  —