jan 1 -
NEw years hangover brekkie

New Years Eve; bubbly floats, fireworks (ok, ok, calm down Katy), foodsies, great music, even better company (hopefully, otherwise: hello New Years Resolutions). In short, too many great things in only one night. Result: HUNGOVER.

Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered! From 11AM till 3PM you can enjoy our Hangover brekkie buffet. Think all inclusive food, a coffee or tea and yes, a glass of bubbly to cure the hangover.

For the extra hungover fellows, there are VIP tickets to save a spot in the laidback sections. You want this!
Limited seats & tickets available at the door.


jan 13 -
Koekoek 030 festival

For three months, every weekend, the Koekoek 030 festival travels through unique and most striking locations in Utrecht. The goal: to surprise visitors with a collection of talented artists from the Utrecht music, art and design world.

On Sunday January 13 from 3PM, the festival settles down in our lovely Karibu and we will have music from singer-songwriter Loki. There will also be an art expo from Lonneke Ponneke